Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Photoblog 2015 - Part 3

First spotting the sign for the oncoming state is always a bit of a thrill.
I had ridden on the back of a pickup passing from Arizona into Utah.
Utah to Wyoming was on foot.
Pooh and I were just cutting across the southwestern corner of Wyoming into Idaho,
so the next chapter was looking to be fairly quick.

I have had but very rare interactions with motorcyclists.
But on this trip, I had two encounters (one noted in a recent blog).
It had been a rainy morning when these folks stopped to visit.
Roy and Lisa quickly said Hello, 
we traded photos and went on our separate ways.
Pooh and I were glad to walk,
am sure Roy and Lisa preferred their move of transport.

The two young fellows were circling around on an ATV one day
and eventually stopped to visit.
Gage and Hunter live near Georgetown, Idaho.
We had a short talk and I got another good photo.

 This shot was taken on one of the last walking days of 2015.
Speaks for itself.

My last "campout" of 2015 was on the Jefferson Hills Golf Course north of Rigby, Utah. 
Not much for hills, but pretty country.
Be careful of extra careful of sprinklers if you ever decide to nap on a golf course.

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