Friday, August 31, 2012

Out the Door

My Good Neighbor Lorenzo Haarr
Who found me on the road the first day out.

I talked over the fence with my neighbor Loren a few days ago about trying to "let the Walk happen." Like "letting Life happen," it is not necessarily an easy thing to do.

Letting the Walk start at Its time and have Its route are lessons and opportunities I have been dealing with.

How often do we try to make Life suit our purposes rather than fit ourselves to Life's flow?

I have asked myself more than a few times, "Are you just making up this Walk idea?" The answer has been "No." But still, I wonder.

So then, how do I make my footsteps fit the best pattern? WHOSE ever pattern it is.

To make the best of this Adventure, Passage, Opportunity. During this brief Moment in a Quick Life on a Small Planet in a Big Universe.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject.


A photo of some friends I pass daily on Highway 12 as I gear up for the Walk is shown below. I will be starting out on 191 South heading to Big Timber on 1 Sep.


  1. Good to speak with you just now, Robert ... glad you're doing well on the road.

    Surely you remember the "slow rise baking" philosophy I embrace? Sounds like you're using it for your walk ... get things in order, create a positive environment for the event, then allow it to happen rather than forcing it. Gread bread, great walks ...

  2. Mr. E. I forgot to thank you for the straw hat. Has been very helpful. I hope it survives, has a couple of devits (sp) already. Thanks again. Robert
    Am trying to let it happen, still working at it. Lots of practice.

  3. ""let the Walk happen." Like "letting Life happen," What a nice simple and deep thought. I can relate to that one much to easily and it is refreshing to see the experience express so well.
    AS you say we must learn to let life happen and take us on our path rather than trying to figure it out and makeing it happen according to us. The Universe is much wiser.
    Your lessons learned, your experiences, thoughts, etc. are also gains for the rest of us.
    Have you in my mind and linking with you every day too through our triangles.
    Keep on trekking!