Friday, May 18, 2018

Rollin' on the River

During my Year of Silence, some of my best company was supplied at the banks of the Musselshell River. When weather permitted, I walked daily to the stream to sit at the foot of nearby trees. Thence, I watched the river run through. When it was warm enough, I even sat in the current and enjoyed the soak.

Previously, my cross-country walks taught me that access to water in most any form can be a real luxury. Furthermore, the breadth of nature began to unfold before me. We are sometimes amazed with man-made feats, but the wonders of nature can leave us speechless.

A natural wonder I would like to comment on today is simply that we humans are vital parts of vast universes. For the moment, I will just suggest two universes now for your consideration drawing upon the benefit of analogies in line with the ancient dictum of As Above, So Below. 

• There is the one in which we are particles of much greater beings. Little do we recognize it as we separate and compartmentalize things, often distancing our selves - in daily focus - from those greater beings. It has been said that we are "Cells in the body of God." How true.

We often think our selves alone and unconnected simply because of our limited vision. If we only had better "eye sight," we would be both reassured and astonished at how we are united through light (subtle energies) with the whole of creation

• Then, there are the worlds in which we are the greater beings. That to our own cells, tissues and organs. To the cells in our little fingers, we are like gods.

Unfortunately, we often don't even recognize such a relationship. Thus, we mistreat and abuse our own subjects of which we are the royal overlord.

Sitting next to a rollin' river can provide time and opportunity to help put such things in perspective.

Next time, we can consider the greater River of Life.

Best regards to you. 

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