Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Law and Love - The Long and Winding Road

There are a whole lot of roads to travel in a lifetime as well as many attitudes we can carry along the way. Fortunate for all, even when we screw up miserably, there always seems to be a way out, an escape hatch, or a phone friend to lend a hand. 

These three outs have other names which will help to develop the premise of this post On the Road Again. 

Believe it or not, Life is directed under the rule of Law. Every thing and every being is under close attention and care through this Law. Actually, many laws direct the flow of the Universe as they join together to satisfy the Great Law. Every jot and tittle must be fulfilled. What we sow, we must reap. Justice must be served. Karma must be met. 

If you are either unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the word Karma, replace it with a more western one like Cause and Effect, Divine Justice, Providence, Fate, Destiny. We all have to “pay the piper,” one way or another to arrive at the finish line - Heaven, Nirvana, Devachan.

Let’s be clear. The finish line for practically the whole of the human race is a long way off. Eons. These few years as John Doe or Joan Smith are just a link in the chain, a drop in the bucket, a step upon an almost endless journey. Even if we believe ourselves to be “saved.”

I am reminded of a good friend named Rose Wise, an artist and do-gooder, who passed to the other side several years ago. Rose carried heavy loads in her life. Which she managed outwardly through her talents and energies, love and concerns.   

On one occasion, she bemoaned the burdens she carried. Rose went on to remark that she believed she had fulfilled her obligations and would not need to reincarnate again. I had to throw in. “Now, Rose. I don’t like to spoil the party. But, you said the same thing last time around. You will surely be back. Your work is not done. There is no end in sight and much work left to do.”

There is work to be done for ourselves and also to the fulfill the Law. God – the Creator – the Universal Force – has provided three over-arching means for all of us who need help to get to that finish line. Do remember, that destination is the same for us as for those who have “become perfect as the Father in Heaven.” We will all get there eventually, however advanced the goal may be.

Fortunately, we can look to Grace which balances and fulfills the Great Law of Love. Grace is achieved by three wonderful means for us to right wrongs, clear highways in the desert, and prepare the way. Our part in Grace varies from one means to the other. 

George Michael sings The Beatles' The Long and Winding Road


• Grace through Giving.

Giving and Forgiving build good Karma. They represent the Law of Love which can do so much day-to-day in this dark world. Remembering that “God is Love,” we should realize that Love is all-inclusive and works in extraordinary ways. When we act through true Love, as exemplified in the Great Ones, we at the same time do ourselves favors. 

Since we are part of a Great Self, doing unto others amounts to doing unto our own self. Good deeds help to neutralize, overcome many of the faults, misdeeds and “sins” we have done in our few decades walking the Earth. The more treasures we share, the more we lighten the weight even of karma created in past lives.

When we share Love, especially to those who would misuse us, we are fulfilling the Greatest Commandment of all. To Love One Another. What wonders the world will express when we all express that simple but exalted state. 

In the meantime, each of us can at least try to live up to the Golden Rule. Let us be assured that when we do make such effort we will receive aid here and there and everywhere.

• Grace through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.

Even though every human being is capable at times of giving that kind of Love, its source is beyond our little selves. In those moments, we seem to tune in to Things Greater Than Ourselves. We become channels for the ever-present Goodness seeking expression in the outer world. 

That experience can be made more frequent and magnified through conscious attempts to attune to God, the Higher Self, the Light Within. In other words, meditation.

Meditation is listening to God. Prayer to be talking to God. Would that we spend more time listening and less time making noise. We pass so much time in doing and experiencing, thinking and feeling, that most of us give little more than an hour a week on Sunday for aught else. Some, not even that much time.

I am reminded of an experience from my days long ago when I pastored two small country churches in South Dakota. Early in my job, the chairman of the churches’ board called me aside. He said something like, “Robert, everybody is very pleased with your work and attitude, your preaching and visitations. But, one concern has arisen. That is the length of the Moments of Silence. Could you minimize them? The people don’t know what to do with themselves.” Silence seems to be relatively unknown and unwelcome in the modern age. Even in a church.   

But, silence and meditation – which are almost synonymous – are key to opening the gates to the Higher Self, the Inner World, the Kingdom. And to the wider world of Truth and Love. When we learn to quiet our own human beast, we can call forth the gift/s of the Spirit for the betterment of all – as well as for our selves.

• Grace through reincarnation.

The third means to Grace is the great and wondrous gift of reincarnation. However short we fall from the goal, there is always another round. God gives us more opportunities than we may deserve. But, Forgiveness is one of Divinity’s greatest gifts and one of our most precious benefits.

An old friend used to remind me that, “It’s all Practice.” Fortunately, we have endless chances to get things right. If we succeed in any moment, we can practice humility. If we fail, we get to try, try again. 

We are told to forgive our brother “seventy times seven,” which is surely a means to practice love. Just think how many times we have received that gift from Above. That seems to fit nicely with the idea that most of us require hundreds of lifetimes to achieve. 

Let’s be cheered to realize that the way is open to all, regardless of our track records. We will all make it to the finish line. However long it takes.

• As we practice the Law of Love: “We are put on earth for a little space to learn to bear the beams of love.” (William Blake)

• As we learn to be silent, meditate and listen for the still small voice: “Seek first the kingdom, and all these things will be added.”

• As we struggle along the pathways of life, there are always more opportunities: “In patience possess ye your soul.”

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