Thursday, July 12, 2018

Life is Like a River

Last post, I mentioned a couple ways to look at our existence. Ways which had been brought home to me by spending time rollin’ on the river. This time, the post is especially entwined with the rivers and oceans of the world and of life. 

But to recap from last go round:

• We humans are part of something greater than ourselves. The planet, the solar system, and greater. We are, know it or not, cells living within unimaginably greater beings. Gaia – The Earth and the Solar system for which we have no name and beyond.

• Then, we have our own system of which we are “god” to trillions of cells and atoms. These cells and atoms are living beings, like ourselves at another turn of the spiral of life. 

If we dare imagine, every thing – all things – are alive. That may be a stretch for some. It is paradoxical since we have been so ingrained with the either/or of life and death.

Trying to put our worlds into perspective, I have come up with another way to look at things. I have borrowed the angle in part from modern physics.

You see, the physicists have been debating for decades whether light is a wave or a particle. I don’t think they have come to a conclusion. Because sometimes light acts as a wave and other times as particle.

Well, Robert has concluded that human beings are similar. Sometimes, we act and appear as particles. And other times, as waves.

This idea grew in my thinking while watching the Musselshell River roll by last summer as I sat on its banks most every day. 

We can think of the river, any river, or an ocean as a collection of drops or a flow of waves. Humans are like those drops and humanity like those waves. 

And within our form nature, we have all sorts of drops and particles and cells. And, they move in wave upon wave to maintain our existence.

At the deepest level of our beingness, those particles and cells are simply energy. While all these appear like matter to our eyes, all of us – atoms to cells to tissues to humans to planets and beyond – are really simply energy. Einstein and the quantum physicists established or re-established that truth decades ago.

If we could see the worlds as the Great Ones do, we would be thrilled to experience the intricacy, wonder and beauty of this universe in which we live. Even when we are standing still, we are – to those with eyes to see –  living, moving and changing constantly. Waves and particles of light within greater and greater ones.

If only we had the Eyes to See. Well, in the meantime, let us just draw on our imagination, the Inner Eye.

Then, we can all the wonder of it all to other great experiences On the Road Again and Again. Go God!

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