Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ready for the Road

Duane Kolman and Audrey Kolman
See the Postscript

Hello Friends and Neighbors.

This blog is intended to create a running narrative for those interested in keeping tabs on me as I walk down the highway carrying my flag from Montana to California.

For the moment, the blog might be called "Harlo to Reno."

The map shows the intended route which I will follow. If the walk is like the last, the itinerary is sure to change. I have already mentally changed one of the passages, but this map gives the general intention.

I don't know how often I will be able to check in, hopefully once a week, nor how well I will be able to respond to visitors.

You may also wish to check out other developments at which will be functioning before I depart Montana around 1 Sep.

Be Good to Yourself and Every One Else.

Robert aka Dr. Bob

PS I want to give belated but special thanks to Audrey Snow and Duane Kolman who did so much to "keep an eye on me" and help in many little ways to make the beginning, middle and end of the trip happen. Love and Hugs to Audie and Du.


  1. First comment is my own. Bravo. Go for it. Be safe and send home good stories. Rah. Rah. Robert

  2. Be safe and enjoy your journey! We wish you all the luck and expect great adventure stories!

  3. Bob, our thoughts and prayers will be with you on this journey. We are already enjoying your new book about your trip to New York in 2002.

  4. You're taking that "every journey begins with a single step" things very literally, my friend! Be well and walk with purpose.

  5. hey, have a good walk, Bud... keep us posted..
    love, Ging