Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello Friends.

In brief re-cap, I started walking with Fannie the Flag to promote Amity and Unity from Harlo to Reno on September 1. I didn't quite make Reno but only got as far as Wells, NV, which is real desert country, by October 5. I have already decided - Lord willing and the creek don't rise - to pick up the path again in the spring and continue on toward the coast. My route remains to be determined. 

A new friend, Billy Howard, whom I met passing through Livingston, MT, has many of his own adventures under his belt and has offered to help me plot an itinerary, route and strategy which will get me to California in one piece. Thanks, Billy.

I just finished updating old posts with photos. I have filled the "Photogobia" post with some favorite photos which will point readers to specific blogs. As time and energy allows, I will expand posts to make for several pages worthy of having permanent placement on http://theportableschool.com website. Keep an eye out.

Other projects are on the table awaiting my attention. Books - old, new and ready to be written - are next on the agenda.

Comments about the Walk, Blog, Photos, etc. are always welcome.

May Your Holidays (Holy Days) Be Filled with Light,

Rambling Robert

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