Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Week Out


The Flag, Buggy and I covered 100+ miles in the first 5 1/2 days.

We made full stops at Deadman's Basin, Ryegate, Lavina, Roundup and are resting in Melstone for a few days. Along the way, we have encountered friendly and helpful people, hot days and cool mornings, a few mosquitoes, and some minor adventures.

The first day was marked by my forgetting to bring Fannie the Flag for load-up. A Kolman standard American flag acted as substitute. The day - and the night in a tent at Deadman's Basin passed quickly. The morning brought a visit with the Hammond family, formerly of Lavina - Jenny, Asia, and Dakota. We did some catching up, took photos, and had some hugs.

Asia, Jenny, Dakota

Day 2 was half the miles than the first thanks to an invitation from Adrie Min. Charlotte McDevitt appeared late afternoon with Fanny, the official Walk Flag. We visited with Leslie Burroughs at the Ryegate Town Hall and joined Adrie and Maria Min for a light and tasty fish dinner. Then, conversation, chickenhouse tour and survey of Adrian's basement projects followed.

Maria and Adrie

Day 3, I was given an introduction to Maria's audio and video work with the Heart Community. Then, I set off for Lavina. I made a late stop at the former FastGo Gas Station where I visited with Cassidy Boe before passing into town. Few people were home that Friday. I did get to talk with Dick Colberg and Tani McKeever before connecting with Lee and Leslie Burroughs.

Cassidy Boe

Lee did the cooking and I tried a piece of elk. First ever. I was pleasantly surprised by the cooking and the cook. After dinner, I went with Lee - and Jack, his dog - to their country property while he got some irrigation started. Then, I shared photos from past Walks with Lee. Leslie has seen them before.

I can say that I spent that night in Utopia. The Burroughs home was the original Utopia School. They moved it once to their property west of Lavina and a second time to town two years ago.

It is a wonderful structure, homey, historical and livened with many of Leslie's touches.

Lee made breakfast in the morning and we traded photos before I headed for Roundup.

The Roundup experience should be a post of its own as should the Melstone one.

Many Wishes for Amity and Unity from Roads Less Traveled.


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