Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Living on the Edge

View from the edge of Melstone, MT - July 2013

"If you're not living on the Edge, 
you're taking up too much Space."

I think walking less-traveled highways off and on over two months fits the idea of Living on the Edge. (You can catch up on the end of my recent journey by reading previous blog called Back from the Edge.)

But, I have taken the Edge adage for my own and expressed it for many years regardless of walking expeditions. I believe more people should make it their own motto, or at least spend some time pondering on its possible meanings. It may be useful and important because more and more of us surely will be living on the edge in the coming months and years.

Like the Edge of

* Credit Limits
* Financial Stability
* Social Comfort
* Physical and Emotional Safety
* Western Superiority

Some are there already. But overall, thanks to a plethora of government generosity, most of us don't appear to have suffered too much. Still, it seems clear that government handouts - bailouts, stimulus programs, quantitative easing, welfare, grants - and many other gifts are about to run out or be reduced.

The recent government shutdown and impasse on raising the debt ceiling should be clear warnings of things to come. The whole scenario will be revisited in just a few weeks and remind us again that the days of living "high off the hog" are coming to an end. The "chickens are coming home to roost," as my old Mother used to say.

Many of us will have to learn to live much more frugally than we have since the Depression Days of the 30s. Anybody remember the 30s?

We also may have to learn to

* Cooperate and really work together - the era of rugged independence may be over, time for group effort may be upon us. The Age of Aquarius which is slowly evolving will be one of Group Consciousness.
* Share more freely - we are used to buying all we want and more than we need. When we run out of credit or the store shelves are depleted, we will be forced to share with friends and neighbors.
* Care for each other - mercenary days of paying for all kinds of so-called expert services will be replaced by DoItYourself options which will ultimately be for our betterment.

I find it interesting that the Richest Country in the World and All Known History worries so much about lack, poverty, and "not enough." How much is enough? Those who live in 21st century America have MORE than 99 percent of humans living on the planet past and present.

We are standing at the Edge of the unsustainable Past, worrying about living with less. But, the real abundance lies within waiting to be drawn forth. Within our world and nations, communities and families and our very selves.

We all can prepare a bit for the Trying Future ahead. Let's give a little more, share of our talents, and make the coming change not just more palatable, but also a real Adventure.

Get ready to Live on the Edge.

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Amity and Unity to you, Robert


  1. Brilliant reflection. Really loved it. Inspiring and to the point or core of many of the issues the world is dealing with. Here is a proposal, a very DIY that is applicable in so many ways to get a grip of things.
    Very "balance" from someone that lives on the edge! hehehe.

  2. Thanks for the note, Nic. Keep living consciously over there on Scottish edge. R.