Thursday, October 12, 2017

Moments of Silence

As my 13 Months of Silence nears its end, I am reminded of my several months doing interim minister duties at the United Churches of Christ in Letcher and Loomis SD 30 years ago. 

That was a great experience. I only got one complaint during my stint as pastor. A few weeks into my time there, Harvey Fouberg representing the church council, buttonholed me and said something like, "Robert, you are doing well. The people like you and appreciate all your efforts. There is one problem, though. They don't like the Moments of Silence during the Sunday Service. They are too long.  Can you do something about that?" Well, I did. 

Silence seemed to be a problem then in the world. And maybe is more so now. 

But for me, the Year of Silence has been a good thing. I have learned a lot from my experience. I probably won't repeat it. But if I do, I will proceed a bit differently.

In any case, I will carry lessons of Silence with me. Working beyond just holding the tongue, but toward stilling other parts of myself.

Some people have antsy bodies - can't sit still. Others have feelings which go every which direction. Still others have minds which never quit.

The latter is my case to a lesser or greater degree. And, I intend to work more and more at Silencing the Mind. Then one day, I may be able to recognize that Voice of the Silence which is trying to get in touch with me. That small still Voice may be endeavoring to do the same with you.

Richard Hobday, author of The Healing Sun and a new internet friend, shared the following quote from Paramahansa Yogananda. He did so not knowing of my Silent Year. I pass it on to you.

"Through the portals of silence the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you."

Moments of Peace and Silence to You, Robert

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