Monday, October 1, 2012


Duane Kolman and Audrey Coleman
Ready for the Road

Lorenzo Haarr
Out the Door

This is my picture page for the trip.
Fascinating Folks and Sensational Spots on the Road.
If one catches your interest, read the blog that goes the photo.

Billy Howard
Harlo to Livingston

The Kolmans
First 100 Miles

The Flagman
First 100 Miles

Ben Trotter
Heading to Idaho

Allyson Clark 

Amity and Runaway 
Over the Great Divide

Rachel Linn
Over the Great Divide

Meryl Ann Butler
Norfolk, VA
(One of) The Three Amigas

Mayor Richard Woodland and the Walker 
(Rexburg, ID)
In the News 

Jodi and Tom Groneman 
(Blackfoot, ID)
At the Center for Peace

Kathy Ruyts, Aaron Witherspoon, Leah Cothern
(Buhl, ID)
At the Center for Peace

Anita Robinson at Helen's Cafe
(Rogerson, Idaho)
All's Well That Ends in Wells

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