Monday, October 1, 2012


I forgot to tell a fun story.

I was marching out of Ennis many days ago. A little black car races by and stops up the road a bit and across the highway. A tall, slimyoung woman in jeans pops out of her car, comes across the pike and asks what I am up to.

She is taken by my project and says, "I have to send something with you on your trip."

She runs back to her vehicle, rummages around and returns with binoculars in one hand and a Leatherman in the other.

I accept the Leatherman from Allyson Clark and tell her how I had found on the side of a highway in an eastern state a Leatherman, the one find of my 2002 Walk. It was confiscated on my bus trip back from Montana to New York City.

It seems it took ten years but I got my Leatherman returned thanks to Allison.

If you read this Allison, you owe me an email -

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