Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dorothy in Kansas

I made it a few days early to Kansas thanks to my friend Charlotte who passed through Wyoming and Nebraska on the way to the East Coast. When she decided to drive out along Highway 36 through Saint Joseph, Missouri, into Illinois and beyond, I resisted giving up the Walk for some minutes.

Although I was quite ready for a rest, it took me some time to give up walking into Kansas.

Atchison, Kansas, was just a few miles from her path, so we tracked in to meet my long-time friend Dorothy. I knew Dorothy and her husband Reid (recently deceased) Barnett from my Fort Riley and their Manhattan, Kansas, days.

Reid and Dorothy introduced me to A Course in Miracles and their version of channeling. We strayed far and wide over the years. But, a mutual friend got us in touch a few years ago before Reid departed the world at age 86.

Dorothy had her 89th birthday on August 25. We were able to celebrate her occasion again yesterday by going to her favorite restaurant for Chinese buffet.

Dorothy lives at Santa Fe Place in the center of town. She still does Reflexology work and studies The Disappearance of the Universe.

I have a few photos to share at a later date. Added above.

I am staying with Dorothy of OZ until JFK's sisters in Kansas City are ready for the Northern Walker to appear.  

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