Monday, September 8, 2014

JFK Returns - Report

Well, there is not much to report.

My long-time friend James Francis Kinerk has been ill and doctoring for many months. When I was planning my Walk, I thought I should head in his direction to catch up on our friendship and try to lend him a hand.

A few days before I started on the road on August 1, he took a turn for the worse and had himself admitted to the University of Kansas Medical Center. He has been in the hospital or nursing home ever since. During the interim, a host of problems appeared or were diagnosed. At one point, the doctors thought he might have just hours to live. Then, he perked back up into a better state.

I stayed in JIm's travel trailer in Baldwin KS, some 40 miles from the nursing home where was staying at the time. Having no transportation of my own, I was only able to see him on two occasions over my six weeks in the area. We discussed some possibilities, but ...

The wheels of medicine sometimes turn rapidly. Other times, they creak so slowly.

After six weeks, I got enough hints from several angles to suggest that JFK's medical involvements might go on indefinitely and my help might not be either warranted or accepted.

So, I turned back to the west and caught a ride to Montana with my friend Charlotte who was returning from an East Coast trip.

I have had no communications from or on Mr. Kinerk for a week despite several attempts on my part.

So, I have to be satisfied that I made a sincere effort to lend a hand.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have left out details on purpose. I can respond to particular queries.

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