Thursday, February 25, 2016

Photoblog 2015 - Part 2

This photo was taken early on my walk around Round Rock in Arizona.
A beautiful but dry and daunting place. 
Great pictures to be taken in the area.

Jeramey and Jason picked me up on the north side of Vernal Utah.
They were heading for a little vacation in Flaming Gorge -
as they kindly gave me a ride up the road.
One was an insurance man, the other a real estate agent.
Thanks for the lift, fellow.

Here is the Flaming Gorge Canyon, a beautiful spot on the route.
I spent the previous night under pine trees beside the road.

Morgan Beal and wife, Nicole. 
They and children and ranch hands were moving cattle to graze around the Canyon.
I got my first ride in a horse trailer thanks to the Beals
and few more miles up the road closer to Wyoming.

The Brownings - prior residents of Salt Lake - own and run 
They were kind and helpful to a traveler like me.
The food was good and modestly priced,
the motel room was very inexpensive.
I highly recommend this place and their service.  
Thank you very much.

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