Friday, February 26, 2016

Photoblog 2015 - Part 1

I met this impressive young man working at a convenience mart in Blanding.
He had left Fort Defiance and was working,
raising a family and going to school.
He impressed me with his work ethic. I wish he had impressed me with his name.
I salute him nonetheless.

Mark Bradford found me swept up with just a little rain the next morning.
He stopped and lifted me to Monticello.
It was a Saturday, but he was still working two jobs
one for the county, and the other for himself.
Thanks Mark.

I was walking down a highway grade toward Moab
when Anthony - once from the East, presently from Salt Lake -
stopped to visit and share some treats for the road.
I hear from Anthony every once in a while.

I forgot their names as soon as I got out of their car.
Smiling, friendly teachers from Alberta
accidentally "ran into me" while turning back to Moab.
We had a great visit on the way to town, said goodbye,
and I lost their names.
Forgive me and thank you.

No, it isn't Demi Moore.
But, a young woman who works at a bike shop,
saw me passing by and asked about my endeavor.
Then, I asked for a photo.

I had a friendly visit with John Ryan, high school principal in Connecticut,
while he waited in a parking lot in Moab for his family to appear.
Good looking bunch.
Wish we had teachers like when I was a youngster.

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