Friday, September 28, 2012

At the Center for Peace

It has been almost a week since I have been near a computer. Walking the roads and sleeping out under the skies. Had first shower in several days last night. Ahhhhh!

I had a great visit with Tom and Jodi Groneman near Blackfoot at their God's Grace Dairy Goat Farm. Watched them milk goats, had my share of goat milk and granola, and passed some time with Tom and family. Think Vitamin M a great gift from God, I was happy to spend time around the little creatures and their masters.

Jodi and Tom Groneman

Tough hiking for some days thereafter. One night after passing through Aberdeen and wondering where I would land for the night, a van of hispanic potato truck drivers going home for the night after 12-hour shifts did a Uturn on highway in the middle of traffic as the sun went down. They picked me up and did another Uturn and dropped me off on the beach at American Falls Lake. Sweet moment with Rudy, Hugo, Jose and Ken (white guy). Warm, comfy night near the beach.

Sagebrush for company for two days thereafter. Little water to dip my feet. Slept under sagebrush one night. A pretty good one, another night near Burley under a big tree between RR and highway. Didn't sleep well for some reason.

Kathy, Aaron, Leah

Made it to Twin Falls late yesterday pm. Aaron Witherspoon, formerly a Tennessee Walker trainer, picked me up, made me family, introduced me to his wife Leah, and drove me to the Eighth Street Center for Peace in Buhl where she teaches guitar classes on Thursday nights. The founder, Kathy Ruyts's friend Chuck took me to Subway while the others did some guitar. When we came back Chuck, Aaron and I sang in the choir for the guitarists.

Center for Peace deserves its own blog or story down the road. Kathy has done a wonderful job of turning an ancient Presbyterian church into a resource for the wider community.

I lost my second chapeau five miles out of town, Aaron gave me a Ted Williams cap as soon as I got in his car. But, the cap is named for a Tennessee Walker, not the ballplayer. I still like it. Will wear it to Nevada.

Present plan is to cap the trip at around 40 days in Carlin or Elko. Finish into California maybe next year.

All for now. Thanks for keeping in touch.



  1. Hi Medicine Man,
    Seems that aside some little "mis-happs" your journey is going well. Loads of interesting stories and sights and I am sure you can only post so many.
    I get the sensation that most people you meet are nice good folk. The world is full of them but they tend to get lost in the landscape and we only see what is highlighted in the Media and through other more emotional, partial means. Reality seems to be much better. It seems we all need to take a walk and wonder into the real, true world and see people for what they are.
    Carry on with safe steps and a joyful rythm!

    1. Everyone has been friendly warm generous.
      Only exception was a testy moment with a police officer. Testy for me, he was just doing his job.
      Two other moments with law enforcement people were peachy.
      Thanks for the note, Nick.

  2. Robert, you seem so far away now -- I don't recognize most of the town names you're citing. The goat farm sounds like a fun place. If you find yourself in Elko, I'm sure the John Elwood family would welcome a visit from a Harlo boy. Carry on! Dane

    1. There is a picture of me in the deceased straw hat now in one of the posts.
      Goat Farm, smiley face photo, in this post now.
      May stop by for a visit with John. I met him and daughter at your mother's house. Reminds me I owe your mother a postcard.