Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Hundred Miles

Kolby, Anita and Karen Kolman
When the visited me en route near Big Timber


Have arrived in Bozeman. Accepting the hospitality of Karen and Anita Kolman, Duane Kolman's sisters, for a few hours. Meryl Ann Butler's friend Kathy in ID Falls has invited me to stop there.

The Flagman has his clothes in the washer.
Note he broke his flagpole en route and needs a replacement.

Brief blog, more later. Trip goes well. Cold night last above the Interstate and Railroad traffic midway between Livingston and Bozeman. Covering territory, things developing.

Feel like I am in a city here in Bozeman.

You might consider joining the Walk by purchasing a TShirt with Logo from Ty Franks at Montana Rugged Wear (Harlowton) - formerly Passage Creek Designs. Am sure Ty can help if you have questions or want to vary something on a shirt.

Keep those cards, letters, emails, prayers coming in.


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