Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Harlo to Livingston

Billy Howard
New Livingston Friend
A Travelling Man Himself

Hello Friends, Neighbors and Travelers.

I am at the public library in Livingston MT. Four plus days on the road, around 80 miles.

Mostly encountering nature, warm windy days and cool nights. A spot of rain the first night.

A few critters here and there, one coyote, many deer, a few pronghorn, lots of beauty in land, water, air, mountains. Trees esp juniper are my good friends.

People have been generous and friendly. Two breakfasts paid for, Brother John from St. John's University in MN I met before Melville and the McCauleys (I think Kevin and Marie) outside the Country Skillet in Big Timber.

Loren Haarr and Duane and Audrey Kolman and Karen and Anita Kolman have helped me down the road in many ways especially stops for water refills.

Scott a Livingston outfitter filled me up with Gatorade and candy bars after I had done the hardest part of Convicts Grade Road from Springdale to Livingston.

Had a great and glorious view of the Yellowstone River on that road as they ran very close together yesterday. Now, on to Bozeman. 25 miles away.

Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers, etc.

Keep the Faith, Be Well, and Help your Neighbor here there and everywhere.


PS I am not editing. Excuse mistakes.


  1. "trees are my good friends" ... yay, I love it! Walk on!

  2. We do need more trees out in prairie. Bushes don't make for much shade.

  3. Nice to know all is going well. Nice for you to know you are not walking alone, many of us are with you. Keep on trekking and letting us know about your journey.

  4. Leaving Bozeman momentarily.
    See you on the road.