Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heading for Idaho

Ben Trotter
KBZK - Bozeman, MT

Not sure where i left off, but passed out of Bozeman, got interviewed twice for CBS Bozeman TV station by a fine young man named Ben Trotter. Numerous people remarked they saw the piece or me trudging the highway.

Stopped at Norris Hot Springs - 60s in the 00s. Highly recommended.

Then hiked the Norris Pass. Steep, windy and hard. Michael Middlebrook, housepainter, put me up for the night at McAllister, made me pancake breakfast.

Then to Ennis, treated like a king when walked into town - gatorade, water, then offer of room at Fan Mountain Inn. Joel and Sherri Shows. Great people. Interview with Madisonian by another Ben. Share (name) treated me to breakfast at the Ennis Cafe this am. Had a great confab with Bill and Jerry - from Eugene - leaving motel this am.

Idaho is about 50 miles away now. Smoke from western forest fires fills the air evening and morning. Clears in day.

Back to the road now. People resonate to the idea of Unity, Goodness, and Caring for others. They have been showing much of the latter to me.

Thanks for all the notes, prayers, thoughts.

Time to Roll. Robert

100 miles to next real town, so won't post for maybe a week.


  1. Glad you are being treated so well.You didn't answer my concern though, about your limping in the Bozeman interview. How is that doing ?

  2. Hi Medicine man,
    I see that yourn walk is allowing you to get a diagnosis of how real people in the real America are doing. I am sure it is also being of help to heal them and us all. What you do for yourself is done onto others as we are connected as true brothers/sisters.
    Glad to see all is going well regardless of some "minor" hardships here and there that do not cloud the big picture.
    Keep on trekking!